Uses I am making of my Nanonote.

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> I have tried using hnb but I always hit a dead end: What
> keys do I 
> press in order to get hnb to believe I have pressed what
> the 
> documentation calls "insert"?  I have spent enough
> time searching and 
> have found nothing.  

I've modified the HNB config file .hnbrc (see attached) to reduce the amount of indentation (frees up more screen space) and fix a couple of key-bindings. You'll find the .hnbrc file in your /root directory.

Press f2 to save
Press f3 to insert a node under the current node at the same level.
Press f4 to delete a node
Press escape for a menu

Start HNB with hnb --tutorial for an introduction.

- mark

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