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Hello everyone, it has been a while since my last project report and there is a lot to get to... i will begin randomly...

 In absence of Gtypist, I did a primitive test of how many WPM i could type by using Nano for 5 minutes as timed by my kitchen timer. Then I used the famous 'wc' program to survey my harvest. In the first test I typed 106 words, the second time only 88. That puts me at 21 WPM the first time and just 17.2 WPM the second time (one complaint I have is there is no ctrl-r command history in ash or at all on NN).

 >I found that bash does, in fact have reverse search with ctrl -i

 hopefully this is a matter where time improves skill. I measured my handwriting speed and found that can go as fast as 29wpm if i scribble but at 21wpm my print is good. This means the nanonote could be a viable aiternative to a pocket notebook (in certain capacities, i could not, for example sketch on the nanonote).I also wonder if changing the keymap would affect speed. I myself am a Colemak person, holding that qwerty is for typewriters, not computers. I do not know yet how to change my keymap, but someone will tell me or I will find out.

 Aewan art has gone pretty well, though using ascii does push one's creativity. In addition to making still images, I have also made rudimentary animations on the Ben, but which would not play on it. They were shell scripts because using the 'less movie' option assumes a bigger (80x26 I think) terminal). I could not upload .sh's to the Qi-hardware wiki, so gave up that for now. 






 Maybe my images are not exemplary enough, but if i do not get to it, at least the title screen can be added to the Apps part of the wiki here:

 aside from more sketching with Aewan, the following comes to mind:

 it would be good to start a comic or storybook to extend the usability of Aewan artistically. Then after I get good, animation may commence provided I can do development solely on the Nano.

 I noticed graphicsmagick-jpeg is included. Unless it is much different from the standard Imagemagick, there ARE animation capacities. if the 'less movie' and sh animation method fail, I could convert the png frames to gif, then make an animated gif. (of course if the graphicsmsagick is complete enough.) If not with that, perhaps GIFsicle can be ported.

 that is pretty much all for graphics for now, but I will say we are not done with development until we have a command line version of POVRAY running! keep up the work!

 As far as sound goes, this is where the Nano shines, at least for me. The detail it records is astonishing for such affordable hardware. The main problems I have encountered are:

 overrun' message from arecord almost every 10 seconds during recording
 loss of data in some of my recordings (sounds as though a 'frame' were dropped) leading to odd cut offs
 i would like a recording program with a 'pause' feature

 in the line of programs, we need

 one that can amplify sound (command-line)
 perhaps an editor that can remove segments (my brother and dad were caught talking on one of my files)

 an ambition of mine is to record more than one 'track' that is, thing at a time. so say, i record a guitar background then record a flute line while the guitar file plays. this might not be possible ever.

 what i have recorded so far:



 (this file proves that 20 min. recordings CAN be done)



 some ambitions for sound include a midi player (timidity?) perhaps a drum machine to make 'beats', on the far-fetched side, a softsynth attached to the nanonote keyboard for live play!

 to close, i have an unexpected laugh to share. While recording an experimental file toilet-talk.wav, which is just me talking in the bathroom to hear the acoustics, I got the following message on line 20 of the screenshot


 toilet-talk.wav: Broken Pipe

 it speaks for itself.

 Before i go i will link to an awesome version of the free software song translates into latin by my brother, so enjoy!


 take care,
 hack well

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