1-10-11 report

Delbert Franz ddf at iqdotdt.com
Tue Jan 11 23:18:44 EST 2011

On Tuesday 11 January 2011, Jane Andreas wrote:
> Hello everyone, it has been a while since my last project report and there is a lot to get to... i will begin randomly...
> In absence of Gtypist, I did a primitive test of how many WPM i 
>could type by using Nano for 5 minutes as timed by my kitchen timer.  
>Then I used the famous 'wc' program to survey my harvest.  In the 
>first test I typed 106 words, the second time only 88.  That puts me 
>at 21 WPM the first time and just 17.2 WPM the second time (one 
>complaint I have is there is no ctrl-r command history in ash or at 
>all on NN).  hopefully this is a matter where time improves skill.  I 
>measured my handwriting speed and found that can go as fast as 29wpm 
>if i scribble but at 21wpm my print is good.  This means the nanonote 
>could be a viable aiternative to a pocket notebook (in certain 
>capacities, i could not, for example sketch on the nanonote).I also 
>wonder if changing the keymap would affect speed.  I myself am a 
>Colemak person, holding that qwerty is for typewriters, not computers.  
>I do not know yet how to change my keymap, but someone will tell me or 
>I will find out.  
Hi, Jane, 

I also have noticed that there is no command like Cntrl-R in ash.  I 
did compile and install bash but one can see immediately that it is 
much slower than ash:( A bit of research shows that ash also has a 
history recall and edit feature but neither ash nor dash include it by 
default.  It may be possible to include it by patching the correct 
Makefile and recompiling the package.  However, that is currently 
beyond my capability and my time available to figure out how to do it.  
The command recall and editing differs from bash but without having a 
version of ash that supports it, I have not been able to experiment 
with it to see if it really helps.  My looking at a man page on the 
web, leads me to believe that it might be quite cumbersome.  

I suspect that the recall and edit feature is not present because the 
utility is viewed for use primarily for running scripts and not for 
interactive use.  Just my guess.  I found that the command recall 
feature in bc, an arbitrary precision calculator, was also turned off 
by default.  Again, bc can be used in scripts as well.  

Your typing speed is impressive.  I have compiled the ncurses howto 
demo programs.  One of them is a crude typing tutor.  On that I can 
get about 10 words per minute.  It does not use words but presents a 
series of four-character sequences in which the characters come from a 
user selected set.  There are 13 different sets that are selectable.  
The four character sequences are randomized and have a single space 
between them.  I find this harder than typing meaningful words.  


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