Duplicate commits shown for openwrt-xburst.git

Wolfgang Spraul wolfgang at sharism.cc
Sat Jan 22 08:39:54 EST 2011


> Every commit is shown twice, albeit with different revision hash.  Does
> this indicate a problem with the repository and/or web-interface?

I think Xiangfu did a rebase with upstream recently, and he also
accidentally committed some temporary files and then deleted them
Some of that has disturbed the /timeline/ as you see it. I think
this is an Indefero bug, Indefero is probably caching something to
generate that /timeline/ web view you are looking at.
I need to update Indefero to the latest version, maybe it's already

If you look at the git history with 'git log', you should see that
each commit shows only once.
Thanks for pointing it out!

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