Graphical plotting with Lua

Delbert Franz ddf at
Sat Jan 22 16:30:41 EST 2011

On Saturday 22 January 2011, David Kuehling wrote:
> >>>>> "Delbert" == Delbert Franz <ddf at> writes:
> >> Hi,
> >> 
> >> I finally managed to make the Lua bindings of PLplot compile and work
> >> with OpenWrt.  All you need is to install those packages:
> [..]
> > So glad you got this working!  I have tried it on my machine and
> > cannot sort out why I get the following message when I execute:
> > lua ./x01.lua
> > Lua: error loading module 'plplotluac' from file
> > '/usr/lib/lua/': File not found
> Ok, problem fixed.  the plplot .ipk package was missing some libraries
> that came with plplot (and I had them already installed from some
> earlier plplot build attempts).  The -4 package version should now work.
> The following install works on my nanonote with vanilla 12-14 firmware:
> --8<--
> #! /bin/bash
> packages=(
>         svgalib_1.4.3-1_xburst.ipk
>         plplot_5.9.7-4_xburst.ipk
>         plplot-lua_5.9.7-4_xburst.ipk
>         plplot-linuxvga_5.9.7-4_xburst.ipk
>         )
> url=
> for i in "${packages[@]}"; do
>         wget -O "$i" "${url}/$i" && opkg install "$i"
> done
> --8<--
> cheers,
> David

David, thank you very much!  Wow, I am working my way through the 
example files.  Quite impressive.  Most of them appeared to work fine 
but in some the color limitations of the display on the Nanonote were 
evident.  Some of the outline maps were blue on black and I could 
barely see them.  I also got a segmentation fault when the program 
exited each example.  Didn't affect anything-not a high priority to 

I also tested writing to a Postscript file in both B&W and color
and viewed them on my desktop with no problems.  

All the work you have done is greatly appreciated.  Sorting some
of this out takes both skill and time.  Plplot opens up all 
manner of useful applications on the Nanonote.  I think that 
by the time the "second edition" of the hardware arrives, we
will have a quite nice collection of software, at least for 
those of us that have a bit of "geek".  Not sure if we 
can  bring in the "point and click" crowd:)  Maybe in 


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