Using Postscript for creating images

kyak bas at
Sun Jan 23 03:51:03 EST 2011


I uploaded ghostscript build log here:

> >>>>> "kyak" == kyak  <bas at> writes:
> > ghostscript works like a charm here (i just built it for testing)...
> > No problem running postscript "Hello World" from wikipedia.
> Ok, could you please send a full build log?
> I guess that compiling postscript links in different libraries depending
> on what is available (autoconfig&friends) during build.  The version
> that was build with firmware 12-14 pulls in cups and who knows what else
> and probably that is the reason it fails.
> We should patch the ghostscript package to explicitely disable the
> libraries that are causing a problem, maybe that way we'll have
> ghostscript and fbgs working out-of-the-box with the next firmware
> release.
> David

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