GPS-SDR I/Q data avaliable for Analysis

Cristian Paul Peñaranda Rojas paul at
Sun Jan 23 13:19:41 EST 2011

As some of you already know, may be others not, there is an upcoming
effort [1] about implementing a GPS Device for the nanonote, _but_ in a
free/libre way. 

As was already proved before you can attach [2] a 
commercial non-free GPS device and find your position on a nice map,
but the idea is go further (not dream), so we want implement a sofware/hardware
method for processing I/Q signals coming from a SiGE SE4162T GPS
Receiver IC. 

So far i got some "raw" data [3], it is basically the  4-bit I/Q 
(2-bit I and 2-bit Q) from SiGE chip arranged [6] continuouslly.

Now with help from Fabrizio Tapper from CTAE, this data is about to be
processed in order to verify that the PRN codes [5] from the satellites
on sky view [4] could be tracked. Of course any aditional 
help is wellcome :-).

Cristian Paul.

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