price and power consumption of YA nanonot

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 Jane Andreas wrote: > I have a question about the next Nanonote installment. I think it's a bit early for such specific details :) There's been quite a bit of discussion about desirable feaures a few months ago, but then the focus shifted to other things for a while. Some of my personal "must have" items: - 64 MB SDRAM, 128 MB if we can - higher memory speed, e.g., by increasing the bus width and/or going from SDR to DDR (DDR is the industry standard now, so this also means that affordable larger chips are available) - wireless communication, most likely based on ben-wpan - USB host with a regular USB A receptacle. High-speed, if possible, but even just full-speed would help. - one more 8:10 card slot (one external for removable media and peripherals, one internal for mass storage) - WQVGA display - approximately the same height (to maintain the overall form factor), but wider - a pointing device solution. This could be a touch screen, some kind of track pad, a track point, or something else. - simplified and improved keyboard. Something like this: (Should be modular, so that people can design their own.) - better weight distribution, so that the (unaided) Ben doesn't fall over I'm not sure about the CPU. Wolfgang has been talking about a more powerful "next generation" CPU from Ingenic, but it's not clear to me if this one is really worth the trouble. Maybe a closer relative of the Ben's CPU would also do. Note that we're not using the full potential of even the Ben's current CPU. I would hope for a very similar price point and also comparable power consumption. For the battery, perhaps a slightly thicker battery compartment would be good, considering that there lots of 3rd party batteries that would fit if there was just a little bit of extra room. Sorry for hijacking your thread with my wish lists (and setting a bad precedent). Poor impulse control ;-) > no problem, i like the ideas! especially the modular keyboard. How democratic is the next Nano? Is there a vote or something? how can we ensure the components we as users want? - Werner _______________________________________________  Qi Hardware Discussion List Mail to list (members only): discussion at Subscribe or Unsubscribe:
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