Some complaints

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 On 2011-01-24 at 21:56:59 -0500, Jane Andreas wrote: > For one thing, GMU is annoying. it blanks then screen every so often , > which makes using another terminal simultaneously all but impossible. I've met the same problem; the blanking timeout is supposed to be configurable, but I've tried to change it in the configuration file in a few location and it got overwritten with the default value. My current workaround is a script that changes permissions of the file that gmu writes to blank the screen:: #!/bin/sh chmod 444 /sys/class/lcd/gpm940b0-lcd/lcd_power followed by another script that restores the standard settings when I've finished using gmu:: #!/bin/sh chmod 644 /sys/class/lcd/gpm940b0-lcd/lcd_power -- Elena ``of Valhalla'' homepage: >as far as I know, Elena is never a guys name... another female hacker?!
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