price and power consumption of YA nanonot

Staude, Anthony anthony at
Wed Jan 26 19:56:46 EST 2011

>In my opinion the most important thing is bigger RAM - in some cases I need to
>enable swap (when using Octave, NanoMap, gcc). I think that 64MB should be just OK
>and 128MB would be great.

Yes, I would agree. RAM is reasonably cheap now so 128MB would be really
good I think.
I've been porting DosBox to Nanonote and 32MB is really the absolute
minimum RAM. I can emulate a 2MB PC with this amount of RAM, however
I've need to make a quite a few adjustments to make it all fit, however
it is done so at the expense of a bit of speed.
My second suggestion would be a better quality LCD screen.
Higher res would also be nice though not essential.

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