price and power consumption of YA nanonot

Werner Almesberger werner at
Wed Jan 26 11:55:45 EST 2011

David Kuehling wrote:
>  - Keep it simple, stupid, especially with regard to having to maintain

I agree very much. Maintenance is un-fun :-)

>  more kernel drivers

That's why I'm not so sure about the Ingenic Jz4760. We had a bit
of a discussion about this on IRC today, and Wolfgang and Lars say
that there are lots of changes with respect to the older XBursts.

> and user-space hardware tools

User space worries me indeed. Not because the porting efforts per
se would be so bad (the non-portable bits in a program tend to
disappear after the first few ports), but because if it's not in
the base distribution yet, it needs a larger effort than just
"build-try-announce", which is a common occurrence with OpenWRT.

> (a usb host port might open pandora's box).

USB host should in fact be fairly painless, because you can just
reuse all the drivers that already exist for Linux. (Well, except
for those abominations that come only as binaries.)

It would increase the number of user space packages that need to
be ported by those programs that use libusb, though.

> That said, I don't currently feel that the hardware of the NN is
> imposing limits on what I can use it for.

People seem to run into RAM limitations a bit too often for my
taste. Adding swap on Flash is a bit of a scary work-around, not
only for potentially wearing out the Flash but also because it
makes things even slower.

A bit of swap is generally desirable to let the kernel get rid of
pages it will never read anyway (e.g., think of initialization
code), but anything else isn't so nice on this kind of system.

- Werner

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