zgv port for nanonote: an image browser/viewer

jirka jirka at penguin.cz
Mon Jan 31 09:20:49 EST 2011

Hello David,

I can confirm that your zgv works for me. The thumbnail feature is cool
it looks to be fast (I tried in on a directory with some tens of photos).

I found only few minor issues (which are probably not related to your
- I can not scale down the image (well, I can use "z" for fit on screen  
but "s" and "d" are scaling from original size up but not down; I prefer
to fit image to screen with "z" and then scale it up - and it is not
- images rendered by "imgv" look somewhat better (especially when they
are scaled down to fit the screen)
- some special keys don't work (like ">" and "<")

I see no other problems with displaying - everything looks OK.  
I tried to play with colors in zgv.conf but I have been unable to find
better color than your default ones :-( 

Many thanks for all your great work!

On Sat, 29 Jan 2011 19:24:55 +0100, David Kuehling <dvdkhlng at gmx.de>
> hi,
> another port for the nanonote: 'zgv', a svgalib based, lightweight image
> browser/viewer.  Package available here:
>  http://mosquito.dyndns.tv/~spock/openwrt/

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