Interfacing Nanonote to inexpensive real time sensor etc.

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Mon Jan 31 12:53:12 EST 2011

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On Mon, Jan 31, 2011 at 08:37, Cristian Paul Peñaranda Rojas
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ron k jeffries said"
>> I realize sensor/actuator interfacing is NOT a mainstream
>> focus of Qi-Hardware and associated irc channel.

Cristian Paul Peñaranda Rojas said:
> Hi, well i do, actuallly i started real life eletronics apps,
> designing a basic controller for a  Conveyor system for a local
> factory in my town.
> I just use a 8 bit MCU, and some TRIACS, all opto-isolated,
> that was enought, surelly a ben board can do that as well,
> but i dont see need for it, well may be next for a hacked version
> of the nanonote in wich i can re-use the LCM and keyboard and
> sell then a dashboard ;-)

$RKJ I agree a little 8-bit MCU such as AVR or similar can do
great stuff with sensors and actuators. My idea is simply
a system of such sensor/actuator smart boards very much
what Jee Labs is doing) that "reports back to Ben Nanonote
as the central node. The alternative is you use some random
Linux desktop as the control node that tells sensor
(NOT in real time) what to do. Ben is cheap and good match
for the use case, If it had USB Host so one could
easily throw a hard drive or flash dongle on Ben,
it would be even better


ronkjeffries said:
>>  Maybe once atUSB 6LoWPAN board is released,
>> Jean-Claude Wippler (Jee Labs) might [I am SPECULATING]
>> offer a new model with the same radio etc Werner is using.
>> This would be Copyleft as it was intended to work I think.
>> Then, Ben can act as master for the whole Jee labs
>> home automation system.

Cristian Paul Peñaranda Rojas said:
> Had you make contact with the Jee Labs guy?.
> I have some RFM12B modules, but no time yet, to make it work with
> the nannote, wich actually the most worrying will be the sofware part
> in order to implement some MAC stack initially

$RKJ yes, his email is jcw at

I first contacted Jean-Claude Wippler (Jee Labs guy) over a year ago.
He is cool guy, cranking out open hardware and associated s/w  scripts
at a rate I can not fathom. His stuff is open, well documented (to my
eyes) and low-cost.

His home automation (mainly) system is built around
HopeRF (or similar) radios. If we can convince him to support Werners
atUSB it would be the cat's pajamas in my world.

I am convinced 6LoWPAN will be VERY important and widely used.

Ben is not perfect, but seems like a great as system controller.

His control scripts (that talk to his different modules over HopeRF,
use Tcl and maybe Expect. Tcl may not be ported to Ben yet, but that
should be doable IMO

Werner and Wolfgang's atBen and atUSB will ~significantly broaden~ the
appropriate use cases for Ben Nanonote.

If you don't care for Jee Labs (basically Arduino-ish in smaller form
factor and heavy use of HopeRF, atBen and ATUSB will also provide a
wireless bridge into ARduino land.

It's all good.
--ron k jeffries

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