Article about Nanonote in german forth magazine

David Kuehling dvdkhlng at
Mon Jan 31 15:49:55 EST 2011

Thanks, Bart and Ruben for the positive comments.

Then maybe there's still a chance for german to become the lingua franca
of technical articles? :)

>>>>> "Bart" == Bart  <bart.bes at> writes:

>> maybe not very interesting to 99.9% of nanonote users :)
> Apparently I'm a minority after all ;) So with my epicly bad german I
> managed to read most of it, and I was wondering why these assembly
> functions aren't part of the nanonote package. (And why gforth's
> default method is broken.)

Gforth's default method is broken, since it relies on compiling wrapper
functions via gcc and lib-tool at *run time*, then loading them via
dlopen().  There is no gcc and lib-tool on the nanonote (at least it's
not complete yet), and the dynamic linker pecularities of ld-uclibc
might make things difficult.

The complete, english documented forth sources that were the basis of
the article are here:

But they need some cleanup/completion before I can package them for NN.
Note that fbdev.fs from the above url lacks the ioctl() that disables
the cursor in graphics mode, so fbdev.fs is somewhat broken.  Need to
backport that feature from the article's forth sources *.fs in


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