GNU Pem on the Nanonote

Ernest Kugel erik.kugel at
Fri Jul 1 00:43:03 EDT 2011

Hi guys, I got GNU Pem to run on the nanonote, I don't think it was 
there before. Pem describes itself as follows (this is also the only 
documentation I could find at ):

"GNU  Pem is a handy tool to help you keep track of your
personal income and expenses. On GNU/Linux  and  other  Unix
like systems, Pem works by storing the details in a CSV file
placed in the ~/.pem directory under your  $HOME  directory.
On  Windows, the same file is placed in pem directory, under
the %USERPROFILE% directory. Each such file is  named  after
the  current month, and is automatically created by Pem when
you enter the first record for a month."

GNU Pem needs perlbase-essential, perlbase-posix, perlbase-xsloader, 
perlbase-autoloader, perlbase-encoding, perlbase-fcntl and perlbase-tie. 
Those are currently not installed in the standard image. To install Pem 
successfully the Nanonote has to be online, for opkg to fetch these when 
you install the ipk file. Maybe those can be later included in the 
default image, if Pem makes it there.

Here's the Makefile:

Currently the package builds, installs with prerequisites, and seems to 
be running as advertised.

Should I document this anywhere in the Wiki? Any other thoughts about 
what I might have missed? Anyone has a spare second to test it with some 

Thanks in advance!

Ernest Kugel

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