GJay-based smart audio-player for Ben

Xiangfu Liu xiangfu at sharism.cc
Thu Jul 7 22:48:53 EDT 2011

On 07/07/2011 09:30 PM, Joshua Judson Rosen wrote:
> Attached is a git patch against qipackages' release_2011-02-23 branch
> to add a Makefile for GJay, along with the patches required for it
> to build and run correctly as a command-line utility on openwrt.
> I'll send some more patches to include mpdjay and the various
> config-file changes, soon.

Hi Joshua

thanks, committed.

it's also needs a small patch on 'gsl' package for make it compile fine:

here is the binary: (base on 2011-05-28 version)

Best Regards
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