Programming in the Classroom

Wolfgang Spraul wolfgang at
Wed Jul 13 23:13:03 EDT 2011

> AtBen/AtUSB may not have the reach to get from podium
> directly to the last row in a large classroom,
> but it might cover the classroom in a mesh network,
> and teaching might make use of that by having students
> ``see'' in some way what is happening around them.
> Does anybody know any existing work in that direction?
> Does anybody see any potential roadblocks
> to implementing something in that direction on Ben?

Actually in such an open room it may have the reach already,
one would need to try.
I think the only roadblocks are more people joining the effort,
Stefan Schmidt started quite seriously, I believe Richard Sharpe
has or is also working on something.

I personally think mesh networks and delay tolerant networks
could lead to interesting use cases. Let's see :-)

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