Make your PC link the Ben to the Internet, Automagically!

Ernest Kugel erik.kugel at
Thu Jul 14 18:25:28 EDT 2011

Hi guys, I got tired of running networking scripts everytime I connected 
my Ben to my PC. So I wrote a udev rule and a script to be executed 
everytime udev senses a Nanonote connected to it and ready to network. 
I've tried it myself and it works like a charm.

The instructions are:
1. Download a udev rule from here: - save it under 
2. Download a script to setup forwarding, routing and usb networking 
from here: - save it under 
3. Reboot, or log in as root and run # udevadm control --reload-rules
4. Connect your Nanonote, observe the magic!

Note this will not work when the Nanonote is connected to the PC at boot 
time, only if you plug it in while udev is running!

Let me know if:
- You tried this and ran into issues.
- You don't know how to try it.
- You think this this is an utter waste of time and there's nothing 
wrong with manually doing it every-time.


Ernest Kugel

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