Openlase, this must be part of MM someway

David Reyes Samblas Martinez david at
Sun Jul 17 18:56:19 EDT 2011

Hello Dudes,
This friday I have assited to the Freedom For Hardware and
Comunications organized by ITSAS from Bilbao, both the audience and
the speakers where at real great level, I will make a proper post on
tuxbrain site once the vids of the speakers are aviable, but I can
stand to share with you this discover:
OpenLase[1] a Libre library to control laser projectors based on
OpenGL and JACK audio lib  to render 2D and 3D forms on the ILDA
protocol(standard for laser projectors) , seen the demo live has is
totally awesome and the videos on youtube doesn make justice (Marcan
has improve a lot the flikering :) ) I know MM team is totally focused
in complet the MM1 v3 and should be that way but I hope we can find a
way to integrate such thing in any way with MM, at least we have a USB
connection that is what the Marcan DIY laser projector use as data
entry (it use a cheap usb audio card to interface with the laser
projector electronics and the PC) , specially I hope you enjoy the
"Bad Apple" demo[2]  the original source video to create the themo was
this[3] [4]This with english subtitles.


David Reyes Samblas Martinez
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