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>  Hi
> We are working on building a first prototype node for a wireless sensor networkusing Contiki and 6LoWPAN. But we're stuck with from the antenna to be used and their connection to the pcb. We have the option of using a chip antennaw3008c but are not sure if the design recommended by the datasheet is "mandatory", or if youcan make changes. (The curve connecting the feed, the 50 ohms from the path offeed, etc.)

There is flexibility in the design. But you should keep:

* 50 Ohm (this means a certain trace width and
   a ground plane under the trace. Optimal width
   depends on material and distance of trace to
   ground plane)
* clearance to other components
* use curves and try to avoid sharp edges
* don't place the antenna in the middle of a PCB

This might be helpful as well:

-- hns
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