packageology: 5-6 pin SMT packages (for dyadic 74xxx1G)

Werner Almesberger werner at
Sun Jul 24 06:14:32 EDT 2011

While researching 74xxx1G components for M1, I made a comparison chart
for the corresponding SMT packages. It shows the package names according
to TI and NXP, then the package dimensions, pin pitch, number of
contacts, any other attributes.

Packages with compatible footprints are separated from incompatible ones
by a blank line.

1.45|1.75x2.75|3.05 means 1.45-1.75 mm wide, 2.75-3.05 mm deep.

To construct the component's part number, use
SN74fff1Gggppp for TI, 74fff1Gggnn, where fff is the logic family
(e.g., AUP), gg is the type of gate (e.g., 00 for NAND, 08 for AND,
etc.), ppp is TI's package code (DVB, DCK, ...), and nn is NXP's
package code (GW, GM, etc.)

The file below lives in

Some SMT packages used for 74xxx1G devices (5-6 contacts)

Package name	Width x Depth		Lead to Lead	Pitch	Leads/Pkg

TI  DBV		1.45|1.75x2.75|3.05	2.6|3.00	0.95 	5

TI  DCK		1.10|1.40x1.85|2.25	1.8|2.40	0.65 	5
NXP GW/SOT353-1	1.15|1.35x1.85|2.25	2.0|2.25	0.65 	5

TI  DRL		1.50|1.70x1.10|1.30	1.50|1.70	0.50	5

TI  DRY		0.95|1.05x1.40|1.50			0.50	6 NL
NXP GM/SOT886	0.95|1.05x1.40|1.50			0.50	6 NL

TI  DSF		0.95|1.05x0.95|1.05			0.35	6 NL
NXP GF/SOT891	0.95|1.05x0.95|1.05			0.35	6 NL
NXP GS/SOT1115	0.85|0.95x0.85|0.95			0.55	6 NL

NXP GN/SOT1202	0.95|1.05x0.95|1.05			0.55	6 NL

TI  YZP		0.85|0.95x1.35|1.45			0.50	5 BGA

TI  YFP		0.74|0.80x1.14|1.20			0.40	6 BGA

Pkg: NL = no lead (contacts may be accessible with a narrow probe)
     BGA = contacts inaccessible


- Werner

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