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Mon Jul 25 02:14:49 EDT 2011

 Hello everyone,

 I am extremely interested in your organisation. In particular, I think 
 you have a veritable masterpiece in the Nanonote line. If I may say so, 
 I think I have found the "ukulele" of computers- it is small, 
 marvellously capable and hard to put down, just like a uke. However, 
 there are many improvements to be made, I am sure you get that a lot.
 I am interested in learning to be almost entirely self-sufficient in 
 terms of understanding the inner workings of a system so I can take full 
 advantage of the famous 4 Freedoms.
 Urgent issues I would like addressed in the second Nanonote are:
 change of keyboard layout. I am guessing we have more than one mother 
 tongue for people hacking on the NN. Qwerty can't possibly serve all of 
 them equally well. qwerty... was cool about 100 years ago...not so much 
 now, especially since we have the design freedom to think for ourselves. 
 maybe a vote or compromise can be reached...perhaps we should optimise 
 it for thumb-typing...

 need of a browser. I don't need to say much here, I'm not looking for 
 FireFox4 here, just something light and graphical (Minimo, Dillo, etc.)

 more legitimate screen resolution. Even GPL programs laugh at us 
 without a respectable sized screen. A lot of ports have been shout down 
 because of this, am I right?

 solid networking. I need someone to clear up the whole "why we can't 
 use wifi or 802.11x issue"

 I think this about covers it for my first post.

 Oh yeah, and by the way, Jane says hi.

 Hack well

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