lingot or fmit for awesome application of Ben

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That is a problem in itself anyway. Jack uses floats as internal sample format, which means that it is (well, at least I expect it to be) terribly slow without a coprocessor. from the LINGOT home page: 
     System Requirements
 Your system must satisfy the following requisites to run LINGOT properly:

    *  A «modest» computer running GNU/Linux. (Pentium at 200 MHz or similar should be enough.)
    *  A 
 *sound card*    *  with line-in or microphone input.
 *Jack*    * , 
 *ALSA*    *  or 
 *OSS Audio support*    * .
 *GTK+ library*    * , version 2.0 or above.
 So is it the case that the Ingenic 336 Mhz is not on par with a P200mhz?
 Or is JACK the real problem?
 I know we have GTK no problem, and sound card

 The fact that it says jack alsa, OR OSS seems to imply a choice...hmm

 just thoughts
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