lingot or fmit for awesome application of Ben

Bas Wijnen wijnen at
Sun Jun 5 06:26:09 EDT 2011

Op 03-06-11 22:14, Jane Andreas schreef:
>>> Your system must satisfy the following requisites to run LINGOT properly:
>>>     * A «modest» computer running GNU/Linux. (Pentium at 200 MHz or
>>>       similar should be enough.)
>>>     * A *sound card* with line-in or microphone input.
>>>     * *Jack*, *ALSA* or *OSS Audio support*.
>>>     * *GTK+ library*, version 2.0 or above.
>>> So is it the case that the Ingenic 336 Mhz is not on par with a P200mhz?

Comparing MHz's of different processors doesn't really make sense, so
I'm not sure about what is faster, but it should be enough as long as no
floating point operations are used.

>>> Or is JACK the real problem?

Since Jack uses floats, that may well be a problem. Appearantly, it also
is hard to compile.

However, given that it says "jack, also or oss" it should work fine
without jack.

If it can't be compiled without jack support, it should be easy to just
remove the jack includes and comment out all lines which generate errors
after that (thus removing jack support in a very ugly way).

>>> I know we have GTK no problem, and sound card
>>> The fact that it says jack alsa, OR OSS seems to imply a choice...hmm



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