lingot or fmit for awesome application of Ben

Yury Bushmelev jay4mail at
Sun Jun 5 08:00:26 EDT 2011

2011/6/5 Bas Wijnen <wijnen at>:


>>>> Or is JACK the real problem?
> Since Jack uses floats, that may well be a problem. Appearantly, it also
> is hard to compile.
> However, given that it says "jack, also or oss" it should work fine
> without jack.
> If it can't be compiled without jack support, it should be easy to just
> remove the jack includes and comment out all lines which generate errors
> after that (thus removing jack support in a very ugly way).

I've compiled it for OpenEmbedded w/o jack with alsa just fine. But
I've still not tested it on real hardware :(


Yury Bushmelev

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