CPU loyalty?

Jane Andreas JaneAndreas at gmx.com
Mon Jun 6 03:42:03 EDT 2011

Hello all,

 This is a question concerning the cpu's in qi-hardware devices. Before buying a Ben, I noted that it had a MIPS CPU in contrast to my Jornada's ARM and thought it was a technical decision. Was it? Or was it due to ARM restrictions on schematics? It seems as though right now, MIPS is the most Free cpu if it meets the stringent RMS standards. However, is it merely coincidental? It seems like very few if any companies have ever backed "free as in freedom" software or hardware. As far as I understand, MIPS began as a proprietary architecture. Hypothetically, if MIPS for some reason became non-free, are there other candidates for qi-hardware? (besides FPGA of course)

 I guess what I am trying to clear up is the rationale behind the current Ben CPU and I know it's not about the fastest clock speed necessarily.

 Thank you
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