tuner problems

Jane Andreas JaneAndreas at gmx.com
Tue Jun 7 02:26:43 EDT 2011

I just updated to 5-28-11 image of OpenWRT. I installed the Lingot and Gtkguitune .ipk's. In addition to tunec, all 3 tuners have problems and I was not able to get one working.

 I am not sure how tunec is supposed to work, but it just kept printing a number. I assume it is either supposed to play the frequency to tune to, or accept mic input. It did neither.Moving on...

 Lingot was surpisingly almost there, but after enabling the mic, it would APPEAR to work for about 30 secs and then would say "reading from audio interface failed: broken pipe"

 GTKguitune seemed to be working, only the useful part of the interface, the part that shows the current and target frequencies, is cut off due to screen size. It DID appear responsive graphically to sounds i made and reported the waveform. Entertaining for a while (10 secs)

 Hopefully this input is constructive and not de-structive. Thanks for all the help.
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