directory /var not persistent in openwrt?

Bas Wijnen wijnen at
Tue Jun 7 17:48:30 EDT 2011

Op 07-06-11 23:14, David Kuehling schreef:
>> Following the xdg base directory specification you should use:
>> $HOME/.local/share for data (saves and score are both data)
>> $HOME/.config for configuration $HOME/.cache for regeneratable data
>> All data should be in a subdir in there. So for alex4, you should use
>> $HOME/.local/share/alex4/
> Well as somebody with an email address, I'd assume that
> you'd suggest something complicated like that :)


Actually it's more complicated. ;-)  The specification says you should
use $XDG_DATA_HOME, and fall back to $HOME/.local/share if it isn't defined.

> But if we don't have multiple users on the ben (on openwrt in general?),
> maybe I could just hardcode the path to /root/.local/share?  Yeah ugly,
> but then patching other people's software is a nuisance.  If just posix
> file routines would understand '~'.

For a Ben-specific patch, that would be acceptable IMO.

By the way, the debian package for alex4 includes a patch which makes it
use ~/.alex4/ for everything it writes. You can also apply that patch.
(And while you're at it, you may apply the other patches as well; I
don't know why they're not upstream, perhaps upstream is dead?)


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