USB usages?(Ben)

Wolfgang Spraul wolfgang at
Wed Jun 8 01:45:57 EDT 2011


> With the Ya Nanonote to have USB host, I wonder what uses it is intended for? Could I feasibly:
>  plug a USB flash drive in?
>  plug a USB printer or scanner in?
>  plug a wireless b/g/n adapter?
>  plug a usb keyboard in?
>  plug a usb wireless mouse in?
>  also, would it be USB 1, 2, something else?
>  I don't want to get my hopes up too high without knowing what's up
>  ah yes, I forgot one: could i plug a usb hub in and expect it to work?

I think wireless connectivity is more important and useful than
wired connectivity. I can't convince myself to be excited about
any of those things (you forgot 3G dongle ;-))


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