USB usages?(Ben)

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Although several people would like to have a next generation
Nanonote become reality, there is ZERO effort or resources
being expended to advance such a project.

Wolfgang and Sharism are focused on refining and building
the (very interesting) Milkymist FPGA-based system.

If (and it's a huge "if") a next generation Nanonote is
developed, it is certain to have at least one USB Host
port. Pretty much any USB periferal could be plugged in,
as long as they do not require too much power, in which
case you'll need an external USB hub that ha sits own power.

A USB keyboard and mouse would be VERY useful when using
a Nanonote in a non-mobile way, e,g. sitting at your desk.

Wolfgang's comment about preferring wireless connectivity
is interesting. Yes, keyboards and mice can be wireless, via
Bluetooth or proprietary wireless. Maybe ?() Sharism will
design mice and keyboards to use the 802.15.4 wireless
that Werner has implemented with ATben and ATusb.

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On Tue, Jun 7, 2011 at 20:59, Jane Andreas <JaneAndreas at> wrote:

> With the Ya Nanonote to have USB host, I wonder what uses it is intended
> for? Could I feasibly:
> plug a USB flash drive in?
> plug a USB printer or scanner in?
> plug a wireless b/g/n adapter?
> plug a usb keyboard in?
> plug a usb wireless mouse in?
> also, would it be USB 1, 2, something else?
> I don't want to get my hopes up too high without knowing what's up
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