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2011/6/8 Ron K. Jeffries <rjeffries at>

> Jane,
> Although several people would like to have a next generation
> Nanonote become reality, there is ZERO effort or resources
> being expended to advance such a project.
> Wolfgang and Sharism are focused on refining and building
> the (very interesting) Milkymist FPGA-based system.
> If (and it's a huge "if")

No such huge, not as fast as expected, but ther will be a Ya, we (Tuxbrain)
will focus on this soon, and sharism after MM will add, so mantain the hipe
spirit :)

> a next generation Nanonote is
> developed, it is certain to have at least one USB Host
> port. Pretty much any USB periferal could be plugged in,
> as long as they do not require too much power, in which
> case you'll need an external USB hub that ha sits own power.
> A USB keyboard and mouse would be VERY useful when using
> a Nanonote in a non-mobile way, e,g. sitting at your desk.
> Wolfgang's comment about preferring wireless connectivity
> is interesting. Yes, keyboards and mice can be wireless, via
> Bluetooth or proprietary wireless. Maybe ?() Sharism will
> design mice and keyboards to use the 802.15.4 wireless
> that Werner has implemented with ATben and ATusb.
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> Ron K. Jeffries
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> On Tue, Jun 7, 2011 at 20:59, Jane Andreas <JaneAndreas at> wrote:
>> With the Ya Nanonote to have USB host, I wonder what uses it is intended
>> for? Could I feasibly:
>> plug a USB flash drive in?
>> plug a USB printer or scanner in?
>> plug a wireless b/g/n adapter?
>> plug a usb keyboard in?
>> plug a usb wireless mouse in?
>> also, would it be USB 1, 2, something else?
>> I don't want to get my hopes up too high without knowing what's up
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