USB usages?(Ben)

Wolfgang Spraul wolfgang at
Wed Jun 8 22:50:36 EDT 2011


> No such huge, not as fast as expected, but ther will be a Ya, we (Tuxbrain)
> will focus on this soon, and sharism after MM will add, so mantain the hipe
> spirit :)

Thanks. The original plan was Ben 2010, Ya 2011, Mu 2012, Guo 2013. That
won't happen. We've pushed out the Ya date to 2012 at some point, but I
love lowering expectations, so I'm saying 2014 now for the Ya :-)

Work on Ya happens all over the place, if someone cannot handle the
wait Ben NanoNote is and will continue to be in stock.
Please see or in Europe.

There is a range of wonderful high-quality software to discover on
the Ben, such as mutt, aewan, gnuplot, octave, sc, stardict, mplayer,
gmu, nightsky, nanomap, curveship, games, scripting languages, and more.

My thoughts on must-have of Ya are:

1) software continuity - if it can run Ben NanoNote software, it's a
2) good update mechanism. Update over the air, deliver security fixes
and improvements. Under full control of the user but give the user
powerful tools to update easily.
3) better documentation to explain the product, along the lines of
4) wireless connectivity
5) use free tools and process for mechanical, same as Milkymist One
6) KiCad for schematics and layout
7) boom for sourcing
8) lower cost of small runs so it's easier to manufacture embedded
products or improved products out of it

The Ben NanoNote and future NanoNotes are marketed to people that care
about the quality of the NanoNote in their lives. For those who want
best-in-class tech specs, I suggest Android devices, or iPhone/iPad.

Or get a Ben and discover why the Ya is worth the wait :-)

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