Ben NanoNote applications (was: USB usages?(Ben))

Joshua Judson Rosen rozzin at
Wed Jun 8 23:28:34 EDT 2011

Wolfgang Spraul <wolfgang at> writes:
> There is a range of wonderful high-quality software to discover on
> the Ben, such as mutt, aewan, gnuplot, octave, sc, stardict, mplayer,
> gmu, nightsky, nanomap, curveship, games, scripting languages, and more.

Since I mentioned Ben as a musical device in my last message,
I reminded myself of a class of devices about which I'd entirely
forgotten: if a nice tracker were made to run on Ben, it might
make a nice musical `walkstation' similar in vein to, e.g.:
Yamaha's QY70 (there are some videos on YouTube demonstrating
various QY-series devices, for anyone not familiar with them).

Someone asked, a while back, whether there were any way that
Ben NanoNote might add value to the MM1--maybe this is an answer.

A pocket-sized tracker for making and playing mod-files was
something that I wanted for much of the last decade (though
not as much, now, since I've become focused on things
other than making music). A pocket-sized machine that could
run GJay is another thing that I've wanted for the past decade,
and *that* I've actually been able to get working with
my Ben. I'm *really* grateful that you guys brought this device
into existence--that I can use it to finally realise dreams
that have persisted for this long makes it well worth
more $100 (I think I paid something like $400 for the iPod
that the NanoNote replaced, and the NanoNote is serving me
*much* better) :)

"Don't be afraid to ask (λf.((λx.xx) (λr.f(rr))))."

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