Ben NanoNote applications (was: USB usages?(Ben))

Wolfgang Spraul wolfgang at
Thu Jun 9 01:21:29 EDT 2011


> more $100 (I think I paid something like $400 for the iPod
> that the NanoNote replaced, and the NanoNote is serving me
> *much* better) :)

Thanks for telling us!

> Since I mentioned Ben as a musical device in my last message,
> I reminded myself of a class of devices about which I'd entirely
> forgotten: if a nice tracker were made to run on Ben, it might
> make a nice musical `walkstation' similar in vein to, e.g.:
> Yamaha's QY70 (there are some videos on YouTube demonstrating
> various QY-series devices, for anyone not familiar with them).

Yes! I was thinking along those lines recently with Ben being
able to feed 'programmed' music into a Milkymist One. You give
me some good leads now, I will google what the QY70 can do...
Do you know any programs that we may easily be able to port to
the Ben that would make us go in this direction?

> Someone asked, a while back, whether there were any way that
> Ben NanoNote might add value to the MM1--maybe this is an answer.

Absolutely, thanks!

> A pocket-sized tracker for making and playing mod-files was
> something that I wanted for much of the last decade (though
> not as much, now, since I've become focused on things
> other than making music).

I'm not familiar enough with programs in that field to know
what free software would pass as 'tracker for making and
playing mod-files'. Can you drop any names or URLs of free
software projects that could be ported to Ben to provide this

> A pocket-sized machine that could run GJay is another thing
> that I've wanted for the past decade, and *that* I've actually
> been able to get working with my Ben.

Can you share it? Is GJay free software? I would love to include
it on the Ben if it is...

Thanks a lot, those are really some very encouraging news and leads
from you! More good work ahead for me, nice :-)

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