USB usages?(Ben)

Jane Andreas JaneAndreas at
Thu Jun 9 01:32:58 EDT 2011


The Ben NanoNote and future NanoNotes are marketed to people that care
about the quality of the NanoNote in their lives. For those who want
best-in-class tech specs, I suggest Android devices, or iPhone/iPad.

Or get a Ben and discover why the Ya is worth the wait :-)

I have been wanting to ask about Qi's stance on Android for some time, and I don't intend to go off on a tangent, but it seems like android is OK? A lot of people equate it with Linux, is that a fair statment? From what I see, I tend not to like it, but maybe it's just aversion to the unfamiliar. 

In terms of Free software, it looks like android is inferior to Qi-hardware/Gnu/Linux because 3.0 is proprietary. I don't think that is ever supposed to be the case at Qi. 

I'm sure the ipad/phone are worse in that regard.
Also, I read something about qi's mission being to demonstrate "the proof that community development is superior to proprietary approaches "

If that was really meant, then the most exciting stuff is actually right here, where users ARE supposed to have a say. 


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