posting style (was Re: tuner problems)

Werner Almesberger werner at
Thu Jun 9 09:00:56 EDT 2011

Jane Andreas wrote:
> Hey everyone! Let me know how this message comes out, I finally found
> the "text only message" option and have selected it. 

Much better, thanks ! The formatting of the part you copied was
properly maintained. Now, there are two more smaller problems with
your mails:

1) Your quotes lack a visual indication (e.g., the ">") and could
   also use a bit of trimming. Here's a good summary of the style:

   Your mail client should be able to add the > automatically. This
   may be yet another config option.

2) your mail client doesn't add an "In-Reply-To" field. This makes it
   a little harder to tell what you're replying to. E.g., in a
   threaded mail reader, this discussion thread would look like this:

    Jun 07 Jane Andreas       (  57) tuner problems
    Jun 07 Wolfgang Spraul    (  16) +->
    Jun 08 Bas Wijnen         (  87) +->
    Jun 08 Xiangfu Liu        (  33) | +->
    Jun 08 Jane Andreas       (  95) +*>
    Jun 08 Ron K. Jeffries    ( 189) | +->
    Jun 09 To English Qi Hardw(  40) |   +->
    Jun 09 Jane Andreas       (  54) +*>                                     

   The structured view on the right side shows you who replied to
   whom. E.g., one can immediately see that Run replied to you and
   that I replied to Ron. Your mails don't have this information, so
   the mail reader falls back to sorting them by date. So they still
   appear in the same thread (because of the same subject), but it's
   harder to see where they belong.

   Not sure if this is also a question of a config option you need
   to set somewhere or whether this is a genuine lack of your mail
   client. I'd be a bit surprised if there still were "serious" mail
   readers that get such basics wrong. The standard (RFC733, later
   updated by RFC822) has been around for well over three
   decades ...

We'll get there, and people in the world will understand each other
a little better when we're done ! :-)

- Werner

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