milkymist as art studio?

Jane Andreas JaneAndreas at
Fri Jun 10 19:07:02 EDT 2011

I have long wanted to settle down to a platform that affords a lot of creative freedom, yet is not that power hungry. I am mainly interested in such things as:

image editing
2d animation of all sorts
3d animation
audio recording of all sorts (midi, synths, etc.)
video editing

as i have learned, all this is possible under linux.
Is it feasible to think I could do all the above on a milkymist?(of course it will improve in the future)

Though I would need some 3d power, I don't think it'd be anywhere near what it would take to run say, an off the shelf commercially produced 3d game.

i probably would need some basic opengl support.

I know people get annoyed when I do this, but is there a general way to guage how that spartan fpga would compare in the regular, cpu world?If not, would it be able to run Blender, K-3d, or another 3d eitor? 

I realize MM's core goal is real-time VJ, but perhaps it can be used like a digital studio?

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