nanonote painting program; keyboard-mouse?

Vasily Khoruzhick anarsoul at
Sat Jun 11 13:41:55 EDT 2011

On Saturday 11 June 2011 20:29:03 David Kuehling wrote:
> Hi,
> looks like there is a pretty usuable drawing (and animation!) program
> based on liballegro, that works fine at 320x240: aseprite.  Just
> compiled it for running on my PC, and this is what it looks like:
> Now when compiling this for the nanonote there's just the problem of
> missing mouse input.  Any ideas about how to emulate a mouse via the
> keyboard?  Somebody mentioned keyboard-mouse here, is there linux-kernel
> support for such a feature?

uinput + some mouse emulator, for example my mouse-emul:
> Other options would be to hack liballegro to support a keyboard-mouse,
> or somehow adapt aseprite.  What's the option that requires the least
> amount of work?
> cheers,
> David

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