ben-wpan: commercial description

Werner Almesberger werner at
Sun Jun 12 07:22:36 EDT 2011

Monkey + keyboard =
>     - AVR(r) microcontroller with 32 kB flash memory (currently 24 kB
>       used)

Perhaps in my worst nightmares :-) That should have been "8 kB used"
(with 24 kB free for experiments).

Meanwhile, the firmware has gotten a little fatter, so it's now 9/23 kB. 
There is still at least one vital piece missing, namely interrupt
notification. Plus, it probably makes sense to add an "intelligent"
receive mode, where the firmware automatically retrieves an incoming
packet and sends it along with the interrupt notification. All this
may drive the size up to ~10 kB.

That's 4 kB boot loader plus 6 kB application, each with its own USB
stack. Anyone who doesn't need the existing application has 28 kB to
play with. If desperate, one could also get rid of the boot loader,
but that's when things get messy.

So the item above should say

    - AVR(r) microcontroller with 32 kB flash memory (currently 10 kB

or maybe

    - AVR(r) microcontroller with 32 kB flash memory (22-28 kB
      available for experiments and future enhancements)

- Werner

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