Hardware interfacing w/ Ben - strategies

Eric Brombaugh ebrombaugh1 at cox.net
Mon Jun 13 10:11:28 EDT 2011

On Jun 12, 2011, at 11:57 PM, Werner Almesberger wrote:

> Eric Brombaugh wrote:
>> which appear to be based on simple MCUs with host/otg capability.
> Let's start with this premise: what would be examples of such MCUs ?

As Rikard pointed out, the AT90USB647/1287 have OTG, as do several dozen of the AVR32 parts. Sparkfun sells an Arduino shield with USB host capability based on the MAX3421 SPI<->USB part. The IOIO itself uses a PIC24 part that supports OTG, as do many PIC32 parts. Microchip has recently released a developers environment that runs on Linux which supports their full line of MCUs and they're actively ramping up support for the Android ADK. There appears to be no shortage of inexpensive MCUs and interfaces that could serve as a USB host to Ben.


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