atben and atusb available on Tuxbrain :)

Wolfgang Spraul wolfgang at
Mon Jun 13 22:11:56 EDT 2011


> the first range test can let me say without fear the following
> at 250-500 kb/s operating distance 10 meters indoor (walls and noisy enviroment)
> at 1-2 Mb/s operating distance 5 meters  (walls and noisy enviroment)
> so you can buy them at

Excellent, unbelievable!

> And please save the complains about the price and buy a hundred
> instead, I will make you a discount , granted. :P

Your price is good. We must not be talked into ridiculous prices
and instead focus on finding people to whom our work is truly

Right now I will order 2 pairs (atben+atusb), plus another 2 atben
from you, for a total of 177 EUR + shipping (phew :-)) Since it's
an export to Taiwan maybe you can ship without VAT? It should be,
but if not let's not slow it down.

Congratulations Werner and Tuxbrain!

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