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See: http://www.tuxbrain.com/ for a nice, inexpensive
ARM based inexpensive small notebook computer that runs Linux.

Be well, you will be missed.
Ron K. Jeffries
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On Tue, Jun 14, 2011 at 12:49, Jane Andreas <JaneAndreas at gmx.com> wrote:

> Hello everyone for a last time,
> Recently, and from the beginning, I have felt that I may not be very useful
> on this list. Many months later, I am rather sure of it. Despite my demands
> and visions, I have little power to enforce or inact them, so ended up
> frustrated.
> In addition, since I found out about the Nanonote from the Jlime website, I
> imagined it would have similar capabilities to the HP Jornadas, in
> particular the J72X series. I have come to learn that it is not yet near
> even the Jornada 690's capabilities, since even that 10+ year old handheld
> has a crude web browser. What little software it has is well integrated, and
> one can find it all easily by doing a little poking around.
> I do think I have some potintially positive recommendations for the next
> nanonote, if it gets produced. I do realize however, that for one thing I am
> no engineer (I am somewhat thankful most of the time for this) and also I
> realize that these will be mere suggestions, not necessarily to be listenend
> to as if I am the project manager. That being said...
> We should aim for at LEAST a VGA (640x480) screen on the Ya. The Pandora
> has a 4.3" 800x480 screen, so I know there should be something out
> there...so many of my (and your) problems probably hinge on that QVGA screen
> being more restrictive than other system components.
> Work out the keyboard issues. Since the Nanonote is international, we
> should not assume that everyone who gets a Ben or Ya speaks English or even
> uses qwerty. Either we make one option everyone is happy with, or we make
> the Ya keyboard rearrangeable.
> Include pointing device on Ya and work on soft-mouse for Ben. If anyone can
> do it, OpenSource guys should be able to...what happened to the whole Linux
> gospel?
> Include mainstream networking solution. If theres no ethernet, then wifi,
> provided there are no legal problems.
> And finally this one is small but it always annoyed me. Why do you call the
> new versions of the OpenWRT OS "images"? To me it always made more sense to
> call them "versions"...
> I did say that the things I love about the Nanonote are its small size,
> complete lack of heat/fan issues, extremely good battery life, etc. However,
> I feel those pros come at too great a cost right now, which is inability to
> do what I wanted from the start. (full creative suite) Perhaps it was my
> mistake for even stretching my imagination to imagine it possible on the
> Ben, or even MU, so I am correctiong such a mistake by laying my Ben in its
> case for a while to kill all my excuses for not producing.
> Another issue still unresolved to this day ,I believe, is the .mp3
> controversy. If the solution is just to never support them, then I can't see
> the Nanonote replacing my laptop because as wrong or inefficient or patented
> as .mp3's are, a bunch of them exist, even in the Free/Open Source world and
> converting them all to .ogg's in my view is a waste of cpu power and time,
> though I have done it in a few cases.
> Another unfortunate result of this "affair" with Qi-hardware is based on
> misunderstanding.When I saw the Ben used a MIPS cpu, in concurrence with the
> knowledge that that's what RMS uses in his laptop, I thought it was
> desirable in itself as superior to the x86 chips. As it turns out, I email
> RMS himself about how he likes his MIPS laptop (and his is 64 bit as I
> recall) and he tells me that the video playback sucks! Imagine! So not only
> is MIPS technically inferior, it also is no less good when it comes to
> patents as Sebastien pointed out! Lose lose, and guess who the loser is? Me,
> who had this idea that MIPS were such good people who copylefted their chip.
> Now as an artist, the idea of using a Free architecture as a political and
> technical statement is alluring, but I don't know of any sufficiently mature
> projects. It looks like MM's acceleration  apabilities are impressive, but
> they are live, I'm not sure how that would translate into say, vector
> animation production.
> Even though I don't really like Intel, it looks like Linux shines the most
> on the ol' x86 platform, which my laptop has, and which I have simply been
> avoiding as if my Ben were better for, around 8 months now.
> Now in my spare time I guess I'll be scoping out other handhelds, versions
> of Linux, etc. (btw have you all heard of angstrom Linux, it's what the
> Pandora uses in hacked form, might it be useful to Qi?)
> Mainly I'll be producing content that I fully intend to share with Qi in
> relevant ways, but Qi has notheg to do with them.
> I'll be hanging out in Blender, Synfig, Ktoon, LMMS, and many more!
> Here's to one less frustrated (albiet nerdy) girl sulking around the list!
> If I return, it will be in spirit, as a friend and room mate may make a new
> account on the wiki with myself occasionally chiming in :)
> Thanks for the experience, best of luck with improving all the Qi-hardware!
> -Jane Andreas
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