Wolfgang Spraul wolfgang at sharism.cc
Tue Jun 14 19:45:37 EDT 2011

as the others have said that's sad, I'll double my morning coffee
now, what can I do...

> What little software [the Jornada 690] has is well integrated, and
> one can find it all easily by doing a little poking around. 

I hear you. And I agree - we still have no clarity on how to combine
a free and open process with strong product and integration focus.
Is it possible at all?

> I do think I have some potintially positive recommendations for the
> next nanonote, if it gets produced.

We will for sure run it by you once we get closer.

> And finally this one is small but it always annoyed me. Why do you
> call the new versions of the OpenWRT OS "images"? To me it always
> made more sense to call them "versions"...

Hah, great find! Yes you are right, 'image' is a bad term, I'll
switch to version.

> which is inability to do what I wanted from the start. (full creative
> suite)
> kill all my excuses for not producing.

I can fully understand that. Life is too short, you have to focus
on creating something, and not getting stuck with inadequacies of
Maybe we dragged you a little too deep into our specific free
software and copyleft hardware challenges, time to go to an
environment where you can see your creative results faster.

Maybe you stop by once in a while, reflash your Ben with the latest
versions we could come up with, and let us know.
Also don't hesitate to share with us on this list the experiences
you make elsewhere. You have a whole lot of readers here that want
to hear from you, I'm sure.

Take care,

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