Bitcoin stolen

Wolfgang Spraul wolfgang at
Tue Jun 14 19:57:32 EDT 2011

> I have my bitcoin wallet stored in nanonote. It is offline, so I don't
> worry of anything:-).

Oh :-) I think I know too much about NAND, please keep it in another
storage medium too. NAND is like building a highrise on quicksand...
So while we have improved NAND stability a lot, I wouldn't trust
valuable original data to live on my NanoNote for an extended period
of time without backup copies.

For me - a day or two is fine (say if I take notes), but then I feel
the urge to back it up somewhere.
In Bitcoin's case, maybe you extract the private key and print/write
it on a piece of paper? At that point the safety of NAND for the
wallet should be enough, because in the (rare) case of NAND failure,
you could reconstruct your wallet from the private key (I would think,
I don't know Bitcoin that well, but there must be a way...)

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