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Hi Jane,

>>>>> "Jane" == Jane Andreas <JaneAndreas at gmx.com> writes:

> Hello everyone for a last time, Recently, and from the beginning, I
> have felt that I may not be very useful on this list. Many months
> later, I am rather sure of it. 

reading this somehow feels like either of us is caught in some kind of
reality distortion field :)

I'm pretty sure that your presence and contributions on this list and in
the qi-hw wiki had a rather profound effect on the community arround the
nanonote.  Reading mails from people like you made it look like the NN
was more than just a toy made by hackers for hackers.  (Might be due to
that spirit, that I spent the last days getting the ASE image/animation
editor into shape for the next firmware image).

> Despite my demands and visions, I have little power to enforce or
> inact them, so ended up frustrated.  

You underestimate the value of these visions and the value of people
putting the nanonote to real use.  Who else is going to tell us how
things work in reality, and what the missing/broken pieces are?  Heck,
every engineering company nowadays pays test-engineers to do stuff like
that (minus the creative thinking you contributed).

> In addition, since I found out about the Nanonote from the Jlime
> website, I imagined it would have similar capabilities to the HP
> Jornadas, in particular the J72X series. I have come to learn that it
> is not yet near even the Jornada 690's capabilities, since even that
> 10+ year old handheld has a crude web browser. What little software it
> has is well integrated, and one can find it all easily by doing a
> little poking around.  

Here you're of course right.  Using the nanonote feels like desktop
linux 10+ years ago.  Maybe you'll be more satisfied if you come back in
10 years, but it's going to be less fun :)

snip, can't do much about the hardware without neccesary factors of production

> Now as an artist, the idea of using a Free architecture as a political
> and technical statement is alluring, but I don't know of any
> sufficiently mature projects. 

I think the 'political and technical statement' is the sole reason most
people hang out around here and are investing their work and effort,
given that the NN is technically pretty inferior to its evil
capitalistic competition.  It's what makes NN hacking so much fun for

About your statements wrt MIPS and patents: I can ignore that as long as
none of the work we invest makes us depend on MIPS.  Everything is
sourcecode, when the Ya Nanonote replaces the MIPS chip with something
else, I imagine the firmware will still compile and work.

And if until then a few cents of patent licenses go to the underdog that
MIPS Inc is, then we can at least be assured that we haven't supported
one of the big chip cartells :)


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