Nanonote bricked and dead?

Rubén Berenguel ruben at
Wed Jun 15 15:14:11 EDT 2011

Hi everyone,

a few days ago I plugged my Nano to its usb cable to fill the battery
during the night. When I woke up, it was frozen (black screen with
just some hints of letters one one side (only a few pixels on). I
removed the battery and put it again, thought it was just frozen by
some small problem during the night and would power on again. No luck.
Since I had only my macbook then, I could not check usb booting, which
I've checked now.

I have tried all solutions in the unbrick page in the wiki, and I
can't get the pins to shorten and usb boot (at least lsusb does not
show anything). I don't have a soldering iron at hand (I think my
father does, but I don't know if it is low power or what). Any idea?
The odd thing is that I hadn't flashed it very recently, I had only
plugged it for a battery load during the night.



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