Driver and firmware status for atusb

Stefan Schmidt stefan at
Wed Jun 15 15:53:25 EDT 2011


Six atusb sticks should be on the way to me now and will hopefully
arrive end of this week or early next week. :)

The plan it to use them as an easy plug and play interface for adding
a linux notebook to a IEEE 802.15.4 based sensor network.

I've seen that Werner have the communication running between two atben
boards but I'm wondering what the driver and firmware status is for
the atusb boards. Have a, say dirtpan with ssh, connection between a
linux pc and a atben been tested already?

Trying to estimate the work here I have to do to get the board runing.
I already worked, and still working, with the ieee802154 stack and its
drivers and the basic AT86RF231 driver seem to work just fine as the
video shows. What bothered me a bit is how far the split out of the
transport part into spi and usb and the firmware counterpart is
already. I was not able to find much informations about this part.

What I have seen from the git repo there have been work for a
platform-specific reset function and some groundwork for the split,
but no actual code that lets me drive the atusb board. Is there any
git/patch I mised?

Looking forward to hack on it.

Stefan Schmidt

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