Driver and firmware status for atusb

Werner Almesberger werner at
Wed Jun 15 17:26:40 EDT 2011

Stefan Schmidt wrote:
> Six atusb sticks should be on the way to me now and will hopefully
> arrive end of this week or early next week. :)

Whee, you're fast ! :)

> Have a, say dirtpan with ssh, connection between a
> linux pc and a atben been tested already?

No, the kernel doesn't support atusb yet.

> What I have seen from the git repo there have been work for a
> platform-specific reset function and some groundwork for the split,
> but no actual code that lets me drive the atusb board. Is there any
> git/patch I mised?

I'm at the moment cleaning up things that would only get in the way
later, in case anyone else is tracking changes to the driver. So
far, I haven't gotten a reaction to my patches, much as I expected.
so I time out after waiting a polite amount of time before moving
ahead to the next one, reduce the politeness delay a little, etc.

I just wish we had sponsorship for that work. Then I could commit to
beating that whole stack into shape, along with 6LoWPAN, take charge,
and overall move a lot swifter.

I'll send a patch for the RX/TX race today. Then the path should be
clear for splitting the driver tomorrow. After that, Richard should
have all the groundwork ready for merging in his USB skeleton. I
hope he has time :)

This still won't produce a usable driver, because of the missing
interrupt EP code in the atusb firmware, which is next on my list.
If things go well, it all should work early next week.

- Werner

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