Nanonote bricked and dead?

Werner Almesberger werner at
Thu Jun 16 11:50:47 EDT 2011

Rub?n Berenguel wrote:
> no luck. I had already tried pressing U and different power
> combinations,

Iff u-boot is still intact and there is no hardware problem, this
should always work:

- remove the battery
- disconnect USB power
- wait 30 seconds
- hold down U
- plug in USB power
- release U after 5 seconds

lsusb -d 601a:4740 should now show the Ben.

If anything clobbered u-boot (or maybe just the U key doesn't work),
then your only hope would be the infamous USB_BOOT contact.

It's conceivable that a NAND write could go astray for some reason,
and u-boot is just at the most likely places where a bad write may

The procedure for USB_BOOT would be the same as above, just with
shorting USB_BOOT replacing the pressing of the U key. We've walked
quite a number of people through that process in IRC, and it's
clear that shorting USB_BOOT is difficult. Some lucky ones get it
right the first time, for others it takes an hour trying.

The good news is the success rate is very high.

Using the conductive rubber knob that came with the Ben tends to
improve the odds substantially. If using some precarious method of
shorting USB_BOOT, it may help to leave USB connected on the Ben
side and doing the unplugging and plugging on the PC side of the
cable. That way, there's less risk of shifting the Ben and breaking
the USB_BOOT connection.

- Werner

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