Nanonote bricked and dead?

Wolfgang Spraul wolfgang at
Thu Jun 16 12:03:12 EDT 2011

> no luck. I had already tried pressing U and different power
> combinations, I just tried again and even using the battery as an
> alternative power switch... No result. As good as dead for now, at
> least the red light still goes on... It is not completely dead.

Shorting the USB boot pins is the gold standard in all this. If
that cannot get you the 601a:4740 back, I'd say you need a new Nano :-)
I really want to understand what happened to the device, I think it
should be within the warranty so just return it to Tuxbrain and Tuxbrain
will ship you a new one?

Where did you buy your Ben?
As a last resort, you can still try to short the USB boot pins with
a soldering iron...

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